Steve Di Tomaso


Steve Di Tomaso
Guest Contributor
Strength and Conditioning
Endurance Sports

Steve Di Tomaso, CSCS and DVRT-MC, is director of Envision Fitness, a cutting edge training center in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.


Steve has followed the path of physical fitness from childhood, and although not the most talented athlete, he refused to be outworked. Telling Steve what he couldn’t do only fueled the fire to push forward. His commitment to excellence has brought success to a long-standing career as an endurance athlete. Being a strength coach and endurance athlete has given Steve a unique perspective on how to become an efficient athlete.


The pursuit of excellence lead Steve to the DVRT system. Despite his best efforts in coaching, some clients did not respond expectedly to training. DVRT filled the gaps, giving his clients access to better movement, which has produced better than ever performance and fat loss results. DVRT has been a pillar in Steve’s training and has contributed greatly to his success as an athlete, coach, and business owner.