Mike Dewar


Mike Dewar
Strength and Conditioning
Olympic Weightlifting

Mike is the co-founder and Head Strength and Conditioning Director at J2FIT Human Performance. J2FIT (Journey to Fitness) Human Performance is an elite strength and conditioning brand specialized in providing high-quality training programs, educational content, and private and team training. Additionally, Mike is the Founder of The Barbell CEO, a lifestyle brand devoted to hustle, business, and mentality of a fitness entrepreneur.


Mike has a vast experience in elite training and nutrition, holding a Masters and Bachelors in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University in New York City. Mike is a nationally recognized Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), USAW Coach, and Sports Performance Nutrition Coach (Pn1). Additionally, Mike is a sponsored ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador, in which he offers exclusive coaching content for Olympic weightlifting, barbell and powerlifting training, sport specific training, CrossFit, and obstacle race training.


Mike specializes in Olympic weightlifting and functional strength training, and sports performance. His training philosophies are a blend of powerlifting, volume training, and Olympic weightlifting, with strongman training implementations as functional conditioning.