Andrew Lock


Andrew Lock
Guest Contributor - Physiotherapy
Physical Therapy
Mobility & Recovery

Mr. Andrew D. Lock, (Master of Physiotherapy, and a whole lot more), the self-appraised Genius Physiotherapist and one of the most sought after rehabilitation specialists worldwide, suddenly vanished from sight three years ago. He was as elusive as Col. Kurtz gone upriver, and when approached and asked his opinion of the current state of the health and fitness industry he could only be heard to mutter “The horror, the horror...” before disappearing back into the impenetrable forest.


Lately, rumors began to circulate as Mr. Lock was sighted in various parts of the globe. Recognizing that with great power comes great responsibility, Mr. Lock suddenly reappeared last week, his mohawked 6 ‘ tall, 275lb presence was unmistakable. Citing the rise of CrossFit, the kettlebell revolution and the Spartan racing mentality leading what he sees as a return to integrity-based training he has returned to join their good fight.


The best way to contact Andrew is through his Facebook page.